Working with Permits – The Basics

In this lesson we will discuss working with Permits. We will continue to build on your knowledge now by talking about Permit Allocation, Sales Window Management.

Permit Allocation

By default we have added 100 permits to each of the two generic lots provided as a sample.

To access the Permit Allocation section you will again go to Parking Management then use the Lot Administration dropdown and then click on Allocate. Once you have located the lot you wish to manage, click on the Add Permits to Lot button to the right of the lot. The Add Permits to Lot utility will appear asking you to specify the permits that you wish to add to the lot or to enter a permit range. When you are done, click Add Permits. A confirmation screen will appear, you will then need to click Add Permits again to verify. You will receive a pop up message confirming the changes have been made.

Sales Window Management

The Sales Window feature allows the admin to configure when permits go on sale and what time frames the permits are valid. There are three important parameters that need to be set in this process: when the permits will be available to purchase, what date the permit becomes valid, and what date the permit expires.

Adding a New Sales Window

Let’s begin to guide you through the process of setting these dates and making the Sales Window active. To create a new sales window, choose Permits and then navigate to Sales Windows. This will open the Manage Permit Sales Windows screen. From here you will click Add Sale Window which will open another window where you will complete information about the name, type, sale start date, active start date and sale/active end date, as well as the colour you would like displayed in relation to this sales window. When complete, click Save Changes. The new sales window will now appear in the list of possible sales windows.

Activating the Sales Window

Once the sales window has been configured it needs to be made active. To do so, find the new sales window you just created in the list of possible sales windows from above. On the same line as the new sales window will be the title of Active. Click the dropdown arrow to switch the sales window to active (or inactive, as needed).

When to Activate a Sales Window

A sales window can be activated well in advance of it’s set start date. For example, once the initial sales for a yearly sales period dies down, an admin can set up and activate the following year’s sales window. It will only come into effect once the Sale Start Date is reached. Additionally, permits bought in the sales window will only become valid as of the Active Start Date.

Selling Permits

Admins have the ability to issue permits to users from the user’s profile on the admin portal. When you click on the Parking tab, you will be able to see the lot locations and types of permits available to sell to this user type. Admins can issue both standard as well as temporary permits.

If there are no remaining permits in the chosen lot, you can click the Waiting List button to add the user to the waiting list for that lot.


Please see below for quick video presentations on topics discussed in this lesson. Alternatively, you can follow along with OperationsCommander’s public training wiki here: