Administrator Accounts – The Basics


If you are the only admin on your system you can skip to the next topic.

OperationsCommander is a role based system which ensures administrators have access only to the areas that they need access to.
With role based permissions, and for improved security it is necessary for users to have their own system login.
Sharing of login details is highly discouraged and is prone to security issues.

Creating admin accounts

When the system is set up for the first time there will only be one Administrator. The OPS-COM team will have set it up and provided the login details to you. To get your other users in the system you will need to create new administrator users and the roles they will be responsible for.

As well, and since all administrators have their own login there is an audit trail that tracks how they have affected data in the system. If a payment is processed, it is tagged to a user. if an appeal is responded to , it is also tagged to an administrator. User account, role based permissions and many other features make OPS-COM a highly secure environment for a busy parking and security office.


Please see below for a quick video presentation on the creation of Administrator Accounts in OPS-COM. Alternately, you can follow along with OperationsCommander’s public training wiki here:

Admin users cannot be deleted as they have data attached to their accounts. If an admin user changes roles or leaves the organization the best practice is to disable their account. NOTE: It is very important to leave the admin user’s permissions in place as the permissions will affect reporting. Once the account is disabled, any permissions existing cannot be actioned and will only be used for reporting purposes.