User Portal – The Basics

What is a User Portal?

A User Portal is a private dashboard with all the relevant (and secure) information for customers or users of a business. They have an online account that gives access to certain information that a customer might need access to, or will need to check from time to time. The look and feel of the User Portal is based on a logo and a background image that has been configured in System Settings in the Global component.

Working with the User Portal in OPS-COM

All of your customers must register as a new user before using the OPS-COM User Portal. This will then allow users to purchase parking permits, appeal violations, purchase lockers, make payments, view their vehicles and their history, etc.

    Introduction to the User Portal Wiki for your Clients

    OperationsCommander has an informational wiki that is available to your clients and since this is a public wiki it is available to your users at any time. The link to the user portion of the wiki is available here: and can be shared with your users whenever they have questions or require step by step guidance in using the software.