Working With Payments – The Basics

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    Payments in OPS-COM

    OPS-COM can be configured to use several payment methods and also integrates with several hosted payment providers. External Payments can also be tracked in OPS-COM as a system of record.

    Setting Payment Types by User Type

    The OPS-COM system has the ability to limit certain payment types based on user type. For example, you may want staff members to see Payroll Deduction as a payment type but not anyone else.

    To configure the Payment Types, go to the Admin Options Menu and click on Set Payment Types.  You may then go to user configuration to select various payment types based on user type.

    When processing payments as an Admin, you will now see the payment types split up between what the user would be allowed to use for that User Type and what an Admin can choose to use. The admin may select whatever payment type they wish to process this payment with from the drop down list. Once the Submit Payment button is clicked you will be asked to Confirm Payment.

    Paying for a Permit Purchased by an Admin

    The admin has the ability to purchase a permit for a user through the admin portal and complete the payment process for them.

    Once you have completed the permit purchase on the user’s profile, a Payments screen will appear that displays the purchase details as well as any other payment that may be due at this time.  You can select or deselect the individual payments to choose what you will be paying for in this transaction. Clicking Continue to Checkout will show your total and allow you to Select the Payment Type. When payment is complete and processed successfully you will receive a Receipt page with the details of your payment.

    For more information, you can follow along with OperationsCommander’s public training wiki here.

    Making Payments from the User Portal

    The Make Payments option allows customers to pay for permits, violations or lockers by using a variety of online payment options.

    To make payments, the user will log into their profile and click Payments. This will present them with a page detailing any payments and expenses waiting to be paid for. The user will check off the items they wish to pay for at this time and then select the Continue to Checkout button. This will bring them to the Payment Method selection screen where they can choose to pay only by the payment types that were made available to their user type. Once they have chosen a payment type they will be shown a final total and asked to Confirm Payment or Submit Payment if they chose Cash or Cheque. For cash or cheque, the items will be marked as Paid but not Processed as the user must go to the parking office to finish their payment process. For credit card, the user will be re-directed to the Hosted Payment Provider and prompted to complete all fields required. Once complete, they will select Process Transaction at the bottom of the screen. They will then be returned to a receipt page and the payment is now complete.

    For more information, you can follow along with OperationsCommander’s public training wiki here.


    You can follow along with OperationsCommander’s public training wiki here.