Hosted Payments – Starter Info – The Basics

Hosted Payments in OPS-COM

Hosted payments are processed outside OperationsCommander through various providers. This allows customers to submit payments for permits, violations and lockers during the checkout process and be redirected to a secure payment page to enter credit/debit card details to allow the payment to be approved. After submitting the payment users are directed back to OPS-COM to see the receipt and approval details.

OPS-COM can integrate with hosted payment solutions for the following payment providers. Some providers, such as Bambora and Open Edge/Edge Express will support both hosted payments and tokenized recurring payments. (Contact Sales if your provider is not listed here.)

  • Bambora Checkout
  • Open Edge Hosted Payments
  • Moneris Hosted Paypage

Set Up in OPS-COM

You can access a number of wiki articles, in OperationsCommander’s public training wiki, that will explain the details you will need to provide us in order to set up your payment system. A link to our Hosted Payments page can be found here: